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Biological Fluid Filtration Device

  • Novel filtration device designed to capture biological material from liquid sample.
  • Clinical trials underway
  • Designed to enable either home or point of care testing.
  • Filtered material can be immediately processed and conveniently dispatched to lab for analysis.
The Opportunity: 

A two-part filtration device developed to produce a convenient and efficient assembly enabling the capture, storage and mail dispatch of material from biological fluids, such as tumour cells from a urine sample. This device has the potential to offer significant advantages for patients and medical practitioners in the diagnosis and long-term monitoring of conditions and disorders. These benefits may be realised through improving the downstream analysis of the material captured, perhaps removing the need for a more invasive test, and also by introducing the possibility for patients to be remotely monitored. The device is designed such that it may be used by the patient at home. Patients would be able to collect and process the relevant sample and send the captured material to their healthcare provider for analysis. This device is amenable for use with a range of biological fluids/materials and may be adapted to suit the needs of the test that will be used to analyse the captured material. A patent application covering the device has been filed.

Intellectual Property: 
A patent application has been filed.