Call for Small Molecules as Tool Compounds

2014-08-12 00:00:00

CRT’s research reagents team has been commercialising reagents for the past 30 years. Recently CRT has expanded into commercialising Small Molecules as Tool Compounds. CRT is uniquely placed to commercialise these Small Molecules thanks to our in-house production, handling and storage facilities and can take all responsibility for maintenance and distribution.

Over the past year, CRT has commercialised a total of 14 Small Molecules generated in collaboration with five universities. These compounds are now widely available to the life sciences research community via four global reagents companies: Abcam, Tocris, BioVision and Kerafast.

The commercialisation of these compounds has led to further academic collaborations, compound sharing and increased visibility of the originating research groups. One of the compounds is currently being reconsidered for clinical trials due to the new data generated by sharing the compound via CRT’s commercialisation model.

We’re looking for published or unpublished small molecules that can be used by other research groups as tool compounds for their own studies:

  • Compounds impacting cancer as well as non-cancer research
  • Compounds that exhibit good potency and selectivity
  • Compounds generated from current or old/de-prioritised projects
  • Compounds for which you routinely get MTA requests
  • Compounds do not always need to be towards a novel target or the lead candidate in your discovery programme

The research group should be happy to share details (structure, technical and production data) about the compounds on a non-confidential basis.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Further information about CRT’s research reagents business can be found here.

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