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CAR-T Enhancement Technologies

The Opportunity: 

These three technologies offer a platform of novel CAR-T cell enhancements for improving CAR-T persistence in the tumor microenvironment.

Specifically, they offer three solutions for failure of CAR-T proliferation and persistence, which remains a significant issue. This is achieved by co-expressing the CAR targeting sequence alongside domains involved in amino acid metabolism. These technologies are:

  • Engineering CAR-T cells to synthesise arginine precursors. We have strong in vivo efficacy data including enhanced proliferation, increased anti-tumour activity and prolonged survival (publication – PMID:32573723, patent application WO2019122936).
  • Promoting more efficient use by CAR-T cells of available arginine. The data demonstrate enhanced anti-tumour activity in vivo (patent application WO2020260908).
  • A universal approach to address amino acid limitations in the tumour microenvironment. Strong in vitro data establish enhanced CAR-T proliferation (patent application filed).

Cancer Research UK is looking to license these technologies individually or together.