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COX-2 Signature – A Novel Pan-Cancer Treatment Response Biomarker

The Opportunity: 

The Cox-2 Inflammatory Signature is a novel pan-cancer immuno-oncology predictive biomarker with strong proof of concept data on overall patient survival predictions across various malignancies.

The Technology: 

Background and Key Findings:

•Inflammation can either support or restrain cancer progression and response to therapy. Yet, how different types of inflammatory tumor microenvironments are established is unclear

•CRUK Researchers have shown a critical role of COX-2-dependent inflammation in initiating a cancer promoting inflammatory response

•Strong proof of concept data on overall patient survival predictions across various malignancies

•The COX-IS is widely prognostic even when adjusted for age, gender, tumor stage and other disease-specific features

•Strong proof of concept data on treatment outcome predictions for both PD-1/PD-L1 or CTLA-4 blockade therapy across multiple different patient cohorts in several cancer types

•The COX-IS outperforms gene signatures centered on T cell inflammation or IFN-γ-signalling and is predictive even in cancer types in which TMB or PDL1 are not associated with response

•The COX-2 IS includes a multigene expression ratio combining pro- and anti-tumorigenic factors increasing its predictive power

•COX-2 IS technology is available for direct licensing or co-development and is protected by a patent application filed on 21st June 2018. The technology originates from the lab of Dr Santiago Zelenay, Cancer Inflammation and Immunity Group, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute