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DI-B4, a unique anti-CD19 antibody

The Opportunity: 

A phase I trial of the anti-CD19 monoclonal antibody DI-B4 has demonstrated a highly positive safety profile, robust depletion of peripheral B cells and several partial tumour responses. Cancer Research UK is looking for a partner to progress development of DI-B4 in oncology, as a naked antibody or incorporated into other CD19-targeting technologies such as ADCs and/or CAR-T.

The Technology: 

Cancer Research UK sponsored a phase I trial of the anti-CD19 antibody DI-B4, originally developed by Merck Serono. CD19 is a validated immunotherapy target for several B cell disorders, including CLL, ALL and NHL, and it’s expressed on a wider range of hematopoietic precursors than CD20, the pharmacological target of Rituximab. DI-B4 demonstrates superior binding efficacy to other CD19-targeting agents in clinical development and in the phase I trial, most patients showed a robust depletion of peripheral B cells and several (all indolent B-cell lymphoma patients) experienced a partial tumour response. The trial also established that DI-B4 had a very positive safety profile, suggesting that it would be an especially appropriate therapy for frail patients and in combination therapy.

Intellectual Property: 

The DI-B4 patent family offers strong IP protection, with granted patents in multiple territories including US, EU, JP, CH and AU.