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All Licensing Opportunities

Licensing/collaborative opportunity around unique FcɣR-independent “super-agonistic” 4-IBB mABs containing a propriety hinge technology that promotes both CD8+ T cell activation and the depletion of intratumoral Treg cells.

CRUK has developed a potent, selective and orally bioavailable series of small molecules inhibiting glutaminase (GLS), with superior developability. We are seeking a co-development partner to support key in vivo data and drive rapid progression into clinical trials.

AZD3965 is a Phase 2 ready, first-in-class oral and highly selective inhibitor of MCT-1 that has shown promising signs of efficacy in early phase clinical trials in DLBCL. Initially developed by AstraZeneca, CRUK now holds exclusive rights to the programme. We are seeking a partner for out-licensing, with the opportunity to leverage the CRUK network to support further clinical development.

The Cox-2 Inflammatory Signature is a novel pan-cancer immuno-oncology predictive biomarker with strong proof of concept data on overall patient survival predictions across various malignancies.

mutREAD is a novel DNA sequencing method that measures the presence of mutational signatures in all types of clinical and biological samples. Its unique and powerful features are expected to facilitate the widespread development and application of mutational signatures in cancer.

We are seeking a commercial partner interested in pursuing the co-development or licensing of our imaging tracer 18F-FPIA.

CRUK is seeking a partner to collaborate on a proprietary technology better able to identify mutational patterns in cancer genomes for patient stratification.

A phase I trial of the anti-CD19 monoclonal antibody DI-B4 has demonstrated a highly positive safety profile, robust depletion of peripheral B cells and several partial tumour responses. Cancer Research UK is looking for a partner to progress development of DI-B4 in oncology, as a naked antibody or incorporated into other CD19-targeting technologies such as ADCs and/or CAR-T.

Patented technology that allows manipulation of the disulfide bond configuration of the hinge/CH1 regions to control the activity of mAbs directed against a range of immune receptors. This permits the fine-tuning of biological function.

We have developed first-in-class IKKα selective compounds with in vivo data showing strong inhibition of tumour growth. We are seeking a licensing/co-development partner to support key biological data and drive candidate selection for clinical and regulatory development.