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Biomarkers - Diagnostic markers (disease classification)

Integrin avB6 Binding Peptides for Imaging

Peptides with excellent affinity and selectivity for ɑvß6 have been identified and characterised.

In vitro and in vivo data demonstrates the potential of these peptides as the basis for novel PET and SPECT imaging probes, tumour targeting agents and functional inhibitors of ɑvß6. 

IBIS software (Tyrer-Cuzick model)

The Tyrer-Cuzick model has been shown in independent studies to be the most consistently accurate when compared with other available breast cancer risk assessment tools. It incorporates family history, endogenous hormonal factors, benign disease, risk factors such as age and body mass index, as well as genetic factors (including BRCA) into a single statistical model. The model has been incorporated into a computer programme, the IBIS software that gives a personalised risk estimate.

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