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Our Projects

Cancer Research UK has an unusually broad portfolio of cancer-focused projects, with a pipeline that rivals that of many biopharmaceutical companies. We've been ranked second for the number of oncology licenses completed (Nature’s Trends in Oncology Dealmaking 2018).

Our Pipeline

Cancer Research UK has more than 30 partnered agents in pre-clinical and clinical development, three drugs in phase 2/3 trials and eight drugs already on the market and benefiting patients.

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Licensing Opportunties

Cancer Research UK has a broad spectrum of projects available for licensing or collaboration, including novel chemotherapeutic and biological agents, diagnostic methodologies and enabling technologies. The projects range from new targets to therapies in pre-clinical development and Phase I/II clinical studies.

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We’ve been involved in the formation of more than 30 spin-outs – some of which have achieved significant exits through acquisition by leading pharmaceutical companies. Read more.