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We aim to make the most of Cancer Research UK’s research funding, but not all that research results in a therapeutic or clinical application. This is where Ximbio steps in.

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Introducing Ximbio

Ximbio is part of Commercial Partnerships, Cancer Research UK’s technology transfer office. We partner with over 130 universities and institutes worldwide, including Cancer Research UK funded institutes to find, commercialise and promote life sciences reagents including antibodies, cell lines, mouse models and small molecules.

As part of CRUK, Ximbio operates on a not-for-profit basis and any revenue we generate is split between the inventing institute and Cancer Research UK.

As we already partner with over 200 life science organisation we understand your need to source new technologies and develop your product portfolios. Discover how a partnership with Ximbio could benefit you:

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Explore how a partnership with Ximbio could benefit you.


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