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Introducing Ximbio

Ximbio is our reagent licencing division, specialising in the commercialisation of research regents, whether developed at CRUK-funded labs or in the wider research community.

We offer services to researchers, academic technology transfer offices and the life science industry to simplify the process of licencing useful research tools for the benefit of inventors, institutes and the wider life science community.

Our existing networks and relationships allow us to quickly and effectively identify important reagents and the best partners to make them available to researchers.

If you have developed a reagent, work in a technology transfer office or are interested in licencing opportunities, we'd love to talk to you.

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For scientists looking for specific reagents to use in their experiments, Ximbio offers a fully searchable database, extensive datasheets, peer reviews and supplier options.

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Life science reagents companies can use the portal to easily source new products to augment their portfolios via a straightforward commercialisation process.

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Researchers and technology transfer offices can virtually deposit their reagents to Ximbio. Each reagent record can be linked to the originating inventor.

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