Successful completion of the Phase I trial of GSK1070916

2014-03-07 00:00:00

Dr Nigel Blackburn, director of Cancer Research UK’s Drug Development Office, said: “It is fantastic news that this study has been successfully completed in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline. This is the first trial to conclude under Cancer Research UK’s Clinical Development Partnerships (CDP) initiative. This achievement clearly shows the CDP scheme is succeeding in providing an alternative route for companies to advance new anti-cancer drugs that would not otherwise be developed.”

Background Information

The Phase I trial was led by Professor Christopher Twelves at the Leeds and NIHR Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) and the Clinical Research Facility at St James's Institute of Oncology and by Professor Iain Mcneish at the ECMC at Barts Cancer Institute in London. Cancer Research UK and GSK have agreed that pre-determined success criteria have been met, which in turn means that Cancer Research UK will receive a success payment from GSK. This was the third drug to enter Cancer Research UK’s CDP pipeline and is the first project to be completed.

The clinical trial involved GSK1070916, an inhibitor of Aurora B/C kinases that play a key role in multiple steps of cell division and are over-expressed in a range of cancers.  The trial involved 36 adult patients with solid tumours and assessed the drug’s safety profile, dosing and tumour response.  The drug was well tolerated and measurement of a surrogate marker of inhibition indicated on-target activity at the established maximum tolerated dose.


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